All concepts in the line: - chainsaw, mace, bow, sword, pistol, shotgun, rifle with crossover & knife.
Mega-weapon using many parts from multiple sets.
Concept sketches by Wayne Marcus @Zebu Creative.
Full scale line art side views by Wayne Marcus @Zebu Creative.
Primary mechanical connector pieces.
Section view of the side to side connectors.
Demonstrating how parts can be rotated 90° in relation to one another.
Paint-out diagram of one of the simpler sets.
Graphic concept 1.
Graphic concept 2.
Graphic concept 3.
Graphic concept 4.
Graphic concept 5.
Factory made prototypes.
2015 NYC International Toy Fair booth display.
Battlestruct - roleplay weapons

This was a project that we created to build upon our existing role-play weapon expertise, but this time without a specific license to rely upon. The idea is that we would sell multiple sets of modular parts that assemble into specific weapons which could be dismantled and re-assembled into myriad new configurations. The gun sets don’t launch anything, but do have sound and vibration.

The parts snap together with wedge shaped connectors at each end and plastic spring clips from side to side. All the connectors and gun barrels are blaze orange so that no weapon created could ever look like a real gun without the safety tip. The form of the toys are very blocky and sci-fi due to the width of the connectors at the end of each unit. The components can also be rotated 90° so they need to match up with one another, resulting in a square cross-section.

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Willy Yonkers
Industrial Designer Rochester, NY