The 3 preliminary concepts for my 2013 project.
A rendering of my final 2013 concept with a handstrap.
The 2013 final concept with transducer accessory.
The 3 initial 2011 ultra-sonic imager concepts.
The 3 revised 2011 ultra-sonic imager concepts.
The initial 3 display units for the 2011 project.
A rendering of the final 2011 display and imager.
Freelance ultra-sonic imager

These projects were to create 3d 'sketches' of a plastic shroud for an industrial ultra-sonic imager. There are 3 distinct projects: the 2013 project to create a 90° facing imager, the 2011 project to create a straight-line imgaer, and it's companion piece, a ruggedized display/control unit.

Willy Yonkers
Industrial Designer Rochester, NY