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A project to develop a headset stand for our iconic Arctis headset line which would include integrated volume and chat-mix dials with LED markings.
A divergent concept for a headset stand that would clip onto the edge of a desk.
An early concept for our headset stand.
A project to develop a Bluetooth 'dongle' to allow for our signature Arctis headsets to connect to mobile devices like smartphones and portable gaming devices without messy cords.
Early dongle concept #1.
Early dongle concept #2.
Early dongle concept #3.
This was a project to create a striking and effective mouse 'bungee' that would keep PC gamer's mouse cords from getting tangled with objects on their desk.
An alternate direction for the mouse bungee that would fold up to fit in a laptop bag.
An alternate bungee concept with more character and presence on the desktop.
The first concept image for one of the alternate concepts.
Bungee early form study #1.
Bungee early form study #2.
Bungee early form study #3.
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SteelSeries projects

These are some projects I did at SteelSeries. Much of what I did there is still in development so I can only show some early concept images.

Willy Yonkers
Industrial Designer Rochester, NY