IRIS 9000
Hoverkraft levitating construction chalange
Mega Stomp Panic - Audio reality costume
Build-on brick mug
Full size Portal turret model
iCade Jr mini arcade cabinet for iPhone
Star Trek Enterprise pizza cutter
Lost alarm clock model
Critical Hit flashing D20
Light kicks
TK421 bluetooth iPhone keyboard
Star Trek The Next Generation Enterprise D pizza cutter
Joystick-it capacitive touch screen joystick
Mini Bru coffee mug
Power-up arcade light switch plate
Star Wars Han Solo in carbonite business card case
Portal cookie cutters & collectible tin
Silicone chess piece ice cube mold
Tic Tac Tome: automatic tic-tac-toe playing book
Portal potatOS science kit
Portal turret plush & mini flashlight
8-bit bouquet
Minecraft foam pickaxe
Unicorn chopsticks
Star Trek electronic door chime
Capt. Jules' Extraordinary Telescope Ring
ThinkGeek products

These are some of the projects that I've worked on while at ThinkGeek. Since we make so much stuff, all of these pieces are final production pieces, with the exception of the full scale turret, which was just for fun.

Willy Yonkers
Industrial Designer Rochester, NY