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Unity, 2015: visual feeling of harmony, come together as a whole in photography. The tires and wood are all connected.
Pattern, 2015: an element that occurs over and over again in a composition. The wires of the gate show a continuous pattern of diamonds.
Balance, 2015: sense of stability in the body of work can be created by repeating the same shapes. Feeling of equal weight. It represents balance, because the gate is evenly represented across the photo.
Contrast, 2015: arrangement of the opposite elements in an image to create visual interest. The leaves guide the eyes away from the woods in the background and on the leaves in the front of the picture.
Size/Scale, 2015: proportional relationship between subjects in an image. In photography, human evidence is used to give size reference. My hand shows how much of a size difference there is with it and the strawberry.
Movement,2015: directs viewers attention throughout an image. Occurring in a pattern/manner. The ball of water hasn't moved yet, but the balloon itself has busted and came in on itself.
Emphasis, 2015: in a composition refers to developing points of interest to pull the viewers eye to important parts. The light tone of the flower catches the eye which shows emphasis.
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Elements of Design
Zabrina Branning
Photographer Sparta Township, NJ