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A FIRE STATION supports the needs of the fire department and the community in which it is located. It must accommodate extremely diverse functions, including housing, recreation, administration, training, community education, equipment and vehicle storage, equipment and vehicle maintenance, and hazardous materials storage.
- National Institute of Building Sciences
Passive Design Diagrams

Passive Deisgn Diagrams

Wood panel cladding shades the structure of the building.
Passive Design Diagrams

Stack Ventilation space moves heat to the apex
Passive Design Diagrams

Sloped roof diverts water to various area around the fire station, such as the community space in the front of the fire station.
Passive Design Diagrams

Transparent materials let light in the interior community space, reading/study space, stack space, and gym.
Site Plan
Floor Plan 1
Floor Plan 2
Responding to the biological, cultural, and vernacular characteristics of the community and environment as an inspirational pioneer building in an area of future development, Station 55 has the opportunity to go beyond conventional functions and set a precedence to encourage community sustainable design strategies and conscientious lifestyles.Responding to contextual references led to the formal influences and angles of the station in order to respond to the community and environment. Amplification and emphasis of sustainable elements and systems provides a palpable inspiration for the community to follow the lead of the fire station.
Fall 2015 | Fire Station 55

fire station
A building in which the members of a fire department and the equipment used to put out fires are located.
- Merriam-Webster Dictionary

The main goal of Fire Station 55 is to
expand the role of the typical fire station
by responding not only to the function
of an emergency response center but
to also respond to the surrounding
community and environment. Station 55
is a landmark and catalytic building for the
developing north phoenix communities
with community-oriented considerations
and environmentally responsive design
strategies inspired by natural biology
and vernacular practices. As a pioneer
building in an area of future development,
Station 55 has the opportunity to set a
precedence to encourage sustainable
design strategies and conscientious
lifestyles appropriate for Phoenix.

collaboration project with:
Ryan Kiefer

ASU Design Excellence Winner (Fall 2015)