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Spring 2015 | Interdisciplinary Cluster Project

Collaboration project with:
Jonathan Lau (Industrial Design)
Caitlin Paxton-Blackhurst (Interior Design)
Kevin Reyes (Architecture)

The teams are to explore new ways for this physical environment to support and afford social interactions, including informal learning activities and leisure events as well as the possibility of practicum exhibition that informs daily the work, process and progress in 2,3 and 4 dimensions of students at the Design
School, spaces that supports the school mission of multidisciplinary collaboration, space for the students to work and stay in between classes, and spaces for students from other parts of campus that allows them to learn what The design school is about The proposals should also include a clear synthesis about the role of technology in the space and how the intervention in “old Charlie’s” and/or Red Square can be extended to other underutilized spaces in the DN building and how these spaces help us build campus community.