Grayscale version of my Photograph of Quarry Rock, Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Former Quark Doc. A single Magazine page from my Senior project.
Blue Heron Hunting, Quail Lake Colorado. My best-selling print ever!
Pike's Peak Framed by foliage and erosional feature.
Created in 2002, Originally a student-piece, this is a reworked
version used for T-Shirt design. A general statement about the Culture of Fear that pervades everything in US culture.
Print Ad for Lowe Enterprises Real Estate company in San Francisco, Owners of the Iconic TransAmerica building.
Slight color alteration of one of my favorite Photographs I took in Melbourne, Australia.
A reworking of my photo of the Flatirons into a T-Shirt design.
Sangre De Christos Color-alt.
Poly-Layered Photoshop creating made back during University-days.
Photomanipulation of my shot of a Russian Orthodox church in Calhan,
Photomanipulation of a random skater, Colorado Springs Colorado.
Time-Lapse Ice-ball shot taken with my dad's old Nikon. Vermijo Creek Colorado.
Print Ad for The B.B.H.C.
Slight Color-tweak of the Flatirons.

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