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This logo redesign is from back in 2013 but it was misfiled so it never got shared here. Well, better late than never! ;)
"True Art Tattoos" - Made for True Art Tattoos in Cleveland, OH. Their name inspired me so I took on this little project for fun. I love art!

(c)ZeroGrafics May 29th, 2013
EDIT: Sorry everyone, turns out there were some staff changes at Dogfather Tattoocompany which I wasn't aware of so I had to upload a corrected version of this picture. Please come back and give another like and leave a comment!

"Dogfather Tattoo Company" - 2/8/2013 - I whipped this up for Dogfather Tattoo Company out of Fremont, CA. They didn't ask for it, but damnit I made it anyway! lol I like my spontaneous projects. They're good people and I love supporting artists, so hopefully they find a use for this graphic.

Facebook screwed with the quality of this image more than I have ever seen. View the high rez image here: http://i308.photobucket.com/albums/kk327/zerosgraphics/Abstract/DogfatherTattooCompanyEDIT_zps037684ea.jpg
"Peter Hollens" - I am finally finished with this design! This is literally the biggest project I have worked on in my graphic design career to date (Feb. 2nd, 2013). I made this for a capella prodigy Peter Hollens to add to his online store as merchandise for people to buy. Of course, he can use it for anything else he wants as well. :) (c)ZeroGrafics 2013
"iScream Compost Card" - Designed for a local business, "iScream Ice Cream" to replace their current compost sign on the wall.
"Xbox Live Girls Logo Art" - Made to accompany their new XBLG logo ;)

My designs custom made for businesses around the world!

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