Homescreen when music is playing
Alarm screen. Set the system to be armed, as well as change settings, such as adding temporary codes so house guests can disable the alarm if needed, but you do not need to give them your main alarm code. This interfaces with the IO pins on the Raspberry Pi to communicate with the alarm hardware.
Temperature control of the home via the Nest's API.
Lighting is controlled via Phillips Hue light bulbs and the developer API. This is where you select a zone.
Controlling a zone's lights. They can be turned on or off, dimmed or brightened, or using the color wheel, they can be changed to a variety of colors via the Phillips Hue API
Current and upcoming weather conditions, via the API
Spotify music player interface. Uses the Spotify Web API for track status and for controlling music. Users can also select a playlist to play, and change the listening device
Custom grocery list API's interface. Simple adding and crossing-off of grocery items
Grocery list's empty state
Home Automation Central Command

Custom application for a home tablet to combine features of a smarthome. Built on NodeJS, it uses a custom API that interfaces with several third-party APIs: Nest,, Spotify, Phillips Hue. Custom Grocery List API developed. Includes a Jukebox mode that allows houseguests to add songs to a cue which updates a Spotify playlist and plays on the selected device via the Spotify API.

Running on a RaspberryPi, it interfaces with window and door contacts and motion sensors for the alarm system and sends a text when a breach occurs

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