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Rotate Timer

As time goes by, this clock will rotate slowly. There is no exact time. It has two color of the surface, black and white. You can see the timer will turn around from white to black, it means daytime to nighttime.

Nowadays, people pay more attention to the details of life. The ambitions have become severe increasingly; therefore, the requirements are difficult to satisfy. This situation causes to an invisible stress unintentionally. For instance, people always have some negative moods: anxious, nervous. Why don't we live the same as past? With the ambiguous time concept, while relieving the pressure step by step, we may have more time to enjoy the fresh air, to feel the colorful world. Chuang Tzu, a Chinese ancient Philosopher, said,"How time flies and enjoy your life."

Zhiwei Yun
Product Design 伯明翰, United Kingdom