Example of my sketching and conceptualizing abilities. I love to sketch and this is where the majorities of my ideas are generated. I believe if the proportions are right, whether on a napkin sketch or a full rendering the end result should look great!
Here is an example of the quick rendering to get a better idea of what the product is trying to be.
I use various techniques to render life into my ideas. This is an example of work on paper, 2D computer and 3D model in Autostudio.
I had the pleasure of working on the Mustang team on the seats, wheels, and various components for the original 2005 Mustang. I designed and directed the full line of seats from base to GT and Cobra.
Here is and example of my abilities to take a sketch and create a full glamour clay model to present to upper management. This model was genrated from the two pencil sketches shown on the page. The concept was a redesign and rethinking of the Sporttrac. My idea was to justify both an SUV as well as a useful pickup truck and make the vehicle fully functional in both aspects.
An example of the fun side of design. I worked on a proposal for the Hot Wheels 4oth anniversary designers challenge. My proposal was about the twisting forms and massive engine. I was also exploring the use of cool spherical wheels on a Hot Wheels.
Sample Folio

Teaser/Sample work

Anthony Zingalie
Creative Concept designer Lathrup Village, MI