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Tehran Co. Home Page - Tehran Co or Tehran Sky is an air freight cago company. They requested to design them a website that shows their capability and can represent who they are. They specifically asked for a dominant blue color therefore I used some red and orange colors in the details of the website to bring in a little more contrast.
Gaz Iran Home Page - Gaz Iran is one of the Gas export companies in Iran and they were requesting a web portal to be able to introduce themselves and get a little more recognition. The purpose of this website was to post updates and news as well as some instruction on how the company works. They requested for a very formal and conservative layout.
Foolad Gostaresh Home Page - This is a suggested home page for Iran Steel Industrial Company. The client were looking for a conservative yet interesting design. I combined a warm color with a neutral gray to achieve that goal. I used a dark background to add contrast and bring out the details of the page.
Tehran International Freight Co. Home Page - This is Tehran International Freight Co. They do rail, road, sea and sky cargo. The main purpose of the website was an introduction to their services.
The Boxing Federation of Iran Portal page - This is the portal page of the Iran's Boxing Federation. They needed a web portal page that is simple, easy to navigate and very organized.
Bordobakht is a social networking website for soccer lovers focusing more on Iran's internal leagues. They were creating a user profile page, like facebook, that fans could use to interact with each other. Blue was their main color and they wanted to change it so I suggested gray in this design since there were going to be lots of pictures and videos posted by users that could give enough color to the page.
Bordobakht Banners - Bordobakht was giving out prizes each week to those who could enter a game of prediction and guess right which team was going to win that weeks games. I suggested a uniform design on all call to enter banners and change the color for each week.
Bordobakht Banners - Call for advertising on Bordobakht banner
Bordobakht Banners
Bordobakht E-blast - This is an E-blast sent to fans calling for entry into the game.
Bordobakht Help Page - This is a redesign of the Bordobakht overall design. This sample is a redesign help page of the bordobakht.com
Ravagh Honar
Ravagh Honar
Ravagh Honar
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