Chinese red envelopes from the re-design of antiques

In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, in addition to the circulation of metal coins, the market also saw "Banknotes" and "Silver Dollar Vouchers". In particular, the introduction of a small amount of "Red Paper Zero Tickets" was introduced. It is even more conducive to the popularization and development of the red envelopes culture .
This series of red envelopes designed by chance from the local antique market, the late Republic of China red envelopes lying in a pile of ancient books rotten to blowing breakable situation. After a week of data collection, manuscripts were redesigned for missing pattern restoration, and the computer was given a stroke of outline. Featured 200 grams of suede suede professional paper making.
Restored good red envelopes respect the original pattern, size in line with the specifications of modern paper money, and taste different. Suitable for holidays, friends and relatives, children and grandchildren donated to use.

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Tao Ma
I've been thinking 南京市, China