Dapinti ancient arrowhead hand-made tea knife

DAPINTI ancient arrowhead hand-made tea knife with the Ming Dynasty US goods ancient arrowhead (unearthed in Nanjing site) plus late Qing old wooden beads, wood from refined. Ming Dynasty smelting iron forging technology is very high, after 600 years is still cold glittering.
Inside the ride front (rough grinding knife stone) two, can open their own edge, do not open the blade can also be collected to play. Dirty (linen swab blade) side. The size of the whole knife 15 * 15 * 142MM, the use of hand.
Ancient resistance to fight the enemy, the modern cut tea health, material change stars move, fingertips and missed, forget the original heart.

Sharpening Note:
1) Wipe the arrowhead with a stained liner. Fine linen gentle.
2) sharpening water when the body temperature can be wet if the cold iron.
3) polished too bright is the ancient rhyme lost, cut tea part of the light, the rest to keep the paint is better. Edge of the semi-exposed, the spirit can be hidden.

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