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non-textile dress - plastic tote ties
Geometric Dress
Bathing Suit - Cut and hand sewn sheer flower collar
view 2
Runway view with cover-up
Deco Wedding Dress - Silk Chiffon, Cotton waffle, Suede
View 2
View 3 : Back
Runway View
Corset - Corduroy, wool
corset used in Mourning Costume (runway)
View of costume train
Toggle wool coat (runway) - wool, horn toggles
Women's coat and dress - wool, cotton jersey, sheer
sleeve detail
Evening Gown - wool, jersey, cotton- with changeable skirt
with sides of skirt let down
Back - Hand beading visible
Cropped Top - sheer, chambray - cut out shoulders with epaulets
sleeve detail
Designs 1
Zachary William Allen
Clothing, Accessories and Jewelry Designer New York, NY