I wrote the blurb on my coroflot profile below 9 years ago. And despite the 6 spelling mistakes,(rookie move) the sentiment hold true.
I've learned a lot in 9 years. I graduated with honors. Got my first design job in a small furniture design studio. Learned a lot. Got my second job as a Design Engineer at a large prestige fragrance and personal care company. Learned even more. Attended a designer-focused start up incubator. Worked with amazing people from around the world and re-learned how valuable design is.
21 year old me would be proud.

Anthony Perpepaj

"i am a 21 year old Industrial Design student currently studying at Montclair State University's BFA prolgram. i'm getting strarted in ID and studied as a mechanical engineer student for one year at Hofstra Univesity. I am a creative, well balaced designer who appreciates many design asthetics. I love thinking creativly for new resolutions to any problem."

Montclair State University
President of the Montclair State Industrial Design Club