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Growth is a copper bottom tea kettle. What you see inside of it is a refined spin on coil heating. It's a copper sculpture of a tea plant which is part of the base. As you boil water the tea plant gets hot and speed up the process as it is surrounded by water. And you get to watch everything through the glass body
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Meta Kettle

My first attempt at experiential design as a student for a tea kettle design contest.
My goal was to break a common trait I observed while watching people make tea.
They'd walk away from the kettle and return at the whistle.
The design is centered around a copper sculpted tea plant that morphs from the base of the kettle. It serves as visual center point and functional heat coil, increasing the surface area of the metal.
As the water starts to boils, the plant appears to move.

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Anthony Perpepaj
Anthony Perpepaj Bogota, NJ