Brison Shawn Mc’Kinnis Age: 21 Male Birth: 09/29/1991- currently Live In Buffalo, NY Education: University at Buffalo still attending, Early Middle College high school 2010 regent’s diploma, Erie Community College City Campus 2011 associate degree. With a strong passion for gaming design and animation, my artistic journey began at an early of 3 years old. Born and raised in Buffalo, New York, I quickly develop an interest in comics, anime, video games and drawing anime. My experienced adventure, strategy, and victory when I conquered Final Fantasy 7, doing this started motivation that will drive me to professional success. I aspires to be a leading game designer and animator. Graduated from Early Middle College High School, Erie Community College and now attends at the University at Buffalo in Buffalo, New York My major is communication in design, I like my major but rather prefer to do game design which I love. After completing my task at University at Buffalo, I will travel to fulsail College in Florida to further strengthen my skill and become a step closer to my dream. Five years from now In the Next 5 years I will hope to have a career in game design making games, anime, and comics, putting my characters I have came up with over the past years to life and have my own game making company called Silent Storm Inc. I hope to travel across the world to Japan and go to events such as E3, Comic-con and VGA awards becoming one of the greatest game designers in the world.


• Had my art display in my school calendar in December 19 2009 – March 2010 • Help with the AIDS awareness campaign to help spread the word about STD, STI and safe sex to young teens in high school. • Help my school donate food to a family in need

Experience & Education