Professionally trained in industrial design, retail design, product design, interactive design, entertainment design, and game development. My core passion for design focuses on story and how to convey that story to the end user. Currently I'm involved in two industries which include design for retail and design for entertainment development. I use my skill-sets in both industries to elevate each other and to provide user centric story telling. In my retail profession I have been working on many global client projects in Pop Up Store, Permanent Display, and Temporary Display design. I have launched global multi-million dollar campaigns for some of the largest brands in the world. To name a few clients I have created award winning designs for include Dell, Chrysler, Cadillac, Maybelline, Microsoft, Sony, Office Max, Verizon, Hasbro, and Fisher Price. I'm a dedicated, hardworking, and professional team member. I am very thought driven in my designs and set the bar for my industry on how to look at and value the shopper experience. My ability to understand and educate clients on shopper habits has allowed me to work directly with a client as their go to expert. I have developed my skill-sets to take a well thought idea to an approval rapidly through various techniques in visualizing. Finally my ability to understand how to engineer and execute my designs in the real world is what I've proven with all the work I have executed and delivered to store implementation. In my entertainment profession I'm helping provide design direction, asset development, and programming. My pipeline focus is Adobe Creative Cloud, 3DS MAX, Zbrush, and Unity. My core focus is on concept development, asset creation, and programming. I have a few projects in development currently and can show select elements if requested. I also have many years of experience in training and developing the skills of other team members. Not only have I worked in many different work environments, I also have taught college classes on engineering designs in solidworks. I am a great presenter, worker, and mentor. My strongest ability and favorite strength is to elevate those around me through brainstorming and idea generation sessions. Since I have real world experience as an artist, designer, engineer, programmer, and manager; I understand how to collaborate with complete teams to ensure a vision is achieved. I have worked for startups, private companies, and large corporations on all size team initiatives and have always been a strong team player and leader. If you need freelance, consulting, or are looking for a great team member please contact me. I'm skilled and professionally trained in the following techniques: Research Traditional Sketching and Rendering Digital Sketching and Rendering Graphic Development and Design Fixture Development and Design Interactive fly-throughs and walk-throughs App Development Game Development (iOS, Android, Web) Web Development Motion Graphics and Video Animation I'm an expert in the following software: Solidworks 3DS Max Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign) Zbrush Unity 3D Cinema 4D I 'm a very quick learn, and I'm always looking for the next trend and technology. I will raise the bar and will help any team with boosting quality, comradery, skills, and end results.

Work Samples

  • Sony PSVita Launch

  • Sony - Internet TV and Camcorder Display

  • Triumph Dealership

Work History

  • Senior Industrial Designer

    My main role is concept generation for retail design. This encompasses temporary, semi temporary, and permanent displays. This work ranges from small pusher systems, signage, counter displays to kiosks, boutiques, and full store systems. I work in all forms of retail spaces from grocery and convenience to big box, showroom, and boutique. I work with clients all around the world in every sector visualizing creative and forward thinking designs. I also devote time engineering and I understand how to design to a budget. I continually focus on my training and experience of real world manufacturing processes. I also help push our design studio with new technologies in retail and design validation. This includes following new trends around social media and "smart" displays. In addition using real-time technology to digitally prototype. Finally I am deeply involved with marketing strategies and currently helping infuse a new brand image to our own company though webpage development, marketing materials, and new digital presentation methods.

  • Art Director / Lead Developer

    I am a lead developer, using Unity 3D, 3DS MAX, Zbrush, and Adobe Cloud to create games, interactive experiences, and digital prototypes.

    Our goal is to create amazing stories that have high-end visuals in the indie game industry. Our focus is on story and experience, while our skillsets in design drive us to create visually rich experiences. We have a few titles in development and are open to pairing with other artists that have a great idea or look but need help bridging their work to an interactive experience.

  • Design Manager / Industrial Designer

    My main role was concept generation for retail design. This encompassed temporary, semi temporary, and permanent displays. During my time here I was looked at as a leader, innovator, and educator. With these skillsets I helped advance this company from traditional Retail Display Production to a global leader in Retail Experiential Design. I helped pave the way of their digital interactive offering by working closely with newly acquired talent to create digital showrooms for clients including Scion, Cadillac, Nissan, and Pepsi. I was one of the founders of their CAVE, a four wall room that allowed us to showcase virtual full store environments. Not only was I the key designer and developer for these experiences, I helped raise the bar in the industry on using this technology for retail design evaluation. In charge of the CAVE (Computer Aided Virtual Environment) system I created all virtual builds and environments for this system. Managed software improvements, and lead most key client presentations.

    I was also at the core of their "Retail Science" initiative. Which was the development of a way to communicate to clients how to focus on the shopper experience and ROI. I helped create a set of tools that would enable us to be experts of the shopper experience. Understanding what a shopper thinks and does and how to focus designs that elevate their shopping experience.

    In my role as manager I continued working on design in addition I helped manage the 3D Industrial Design Group. This consisted of 8 Designers ranging from Intern to Senior level positions.

    I helped train the studio in software, techniques, and retail science. My main goal was to create an open and collaborative work atmosphere. By pushing on brainstorming through discussions, pin up sessions, and team working sessions I helped transform the studio into a team setting. I also introduced information sharing and training sessions to promote designer to designer collaboration.

  • Industrial Designer

    Worked on designs for Milwaukee Discovery World. Worked on various product designs. Worked on assets for website.


  • Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design

    • Bachelor Industrial Design
    • 2002 - 2006