All work seen here is older work, to see newer projects please message me. A very passionate and robustly skilled designer. Industrial Designer, Content Developer, and Storyteller focused on creating the future through virtualization technology. I am a leading professional in the creation of immersive experiences that have a focus on virtual reality. Professionally trained in industrial design, retail design, product design, interactive design, entertainment design, and game development. My passion is focused on the understanding of people at a core emotional level. In addition a natural leader who has lead teams of designers on many projects. I understand all the techniques, processes, and hardware required to create the experiences of tomorrow. From mobile augmented reality, wearable’s like Hololens, Vive and Rift virtual headsets, to full room CAVE systems. I have focused on the techniques needed to create the virtual experiences of tomorrow. I dream big and deliver on my dreams. My goal is to change the world, through how people communicate and experience one another. Below is more specifics about my experience. Throughout my retail design career I have worked with Fortune 100 Clients all over the world. I have designed and produced countless showrooms and fixtures for the last 10 years. I have launched global multi-million dollar campaigns for some of the largest brands in the world. Ask me about a sector or client and I can give you a list of my experience there. I am very thought driven in my designs and set the bar for my industry on how to look at and value the shopper experience. My ability to understand and educate clients on shopper habits has allowed me to change how they approach retail. I continue to be at the top of my profession because my focus on human interaction. Like any senior designer, I understand how to research shopper habits, understand brand, design out of the box, and engineer to specifications. But above that I am focused on human interaction. I know how to design for Showrooms, Pop Up Stores, and Permanent Displays. In my entertainment and gaming career, I'm helping pave the way for the future of interactive experiences. Investing in new technologies, I push the boundaries of what virtual reality means. On my current projects I provide design direction, asset development, and programming. My pipeline focus is Adobe Creative Cloud, 3DS MAX, Quixel, Zbrush, Unity, and Unreal Engine. My core focus is on concept development, asset creation, and programming. Please ask to learn more about this area of expertise. I also have many years of experience in leading and developing the skills of other team members. Not only have I worked in many different work environments, I also have taught college classes at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. I am a great presenter, worker, and mentor. My strongest ability and favorite strength is to elevate those around me through brainstorming and idea generation. Since I have real world experience as an artist, designer, engineer, programmer, and manager; I understand how to collaborate with complete teams to ensure a vision is achieved. I have worked for startups, private companies, and large corporations on all size team initiatives and have always been a strong team player and leader. If you are looking for a sure thing to invest in, then invest in me. A simple conversation and I can show you why. If you need freelance, consulting, or are looking for a great team member please contact me.


2017 POPAI Award - Permanent Fixtures



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