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  • Wyatt Turner

    Sketching Rendering CADD, Rhino, AutoCAD, Microstation +

    Seattle to Everett, WA

Hello my name is Wyatt, I've been interested in cars as far back as I can remember. Learning to draw from my family at a young age. I quickly got interested in technical drawing like drafting and such. Over time I enjoyed all levels of art that I get myself involved in. Its a must for me to have a good hobby. Sometimes guitar or comic book art, but my mind is always on the subject of car design. During my school years I learned how to draw/illustrate using many mediums. I prefer the basic pencil and paper. But around 2000-2001, I started playing around with Nurbs in Rhino3d. Trying many techniques to create the surfaces I wanted took many years to understand how the tools worked in Rhino, completely self taught with the aid of a few online friends I found I was getting the shapes that I wanted. Always learning and trying new things is the most important to me, it keeps me interested in what I'm doing. That's the basic for now. Cheers!

Work Samples

  • Banshee

  • Mustang cp1

  • Spartan

Work History

EXPERIENCE: Wyatt Turner Design 2003-2009 (Freelance Business) Freelance Business started in 2003 for developing innovative visual designs. Projects follow contract guidelines though concept research and development. Sketches and general design will follow though to CAD 3d models and final 3d renderings. -Client List Cameron Motor Works (Victoria, BC, Canada), Zandonella Motors (Australia), Revolta (Germany),Anole Automobile (Florida), Hi-Tech Custom Concepts (New York), Rockstar Trux (California), Burkebuilt Motorsports (California), DPcar (Oregon)