"The innovation is the cross between ordinary things with the unexpected new applied concepts... that's the base of the Think Things Twice attitude"

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EDUCATION Post Graduate: Master in Business Design (MBD), (2005-2006) Domus Academy, Milan - Italy Approved with Distinction Graduate: Industrial Design, Universidad de Chile (1998-2005) Degree, INDUSTRIAL DESIGNER Approved with Maximum Distinction, Project, Recreational Boat for Mapocho`s River. Best in Class 2005 Under Graduate: Saint Gaspar College (1985-1997) (Santiago, Chile) Others: Functional English / Integrated Program, (2003-2004) Instituto Chileno Norteamericano. (Santiago, Chile) PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE 2006, Elica - Italy *Industrial Designer and Concept Researcher (internship). 2006, Ambientes Design Magazine - Italy/Chile *Correspondent for the Milan Design Week 2006, Villa Pamir P.L.V - Turkey *Study and Design of a contract chair 2005, Arma Design Studio - Chile Industrial Designer, head of the industrial design department *Design of differents projects of furniture, interior design, merchandising, etc. 2005, Universidad de Chile - Chile Professor Assistant, Design School *Geometry and Technical Drawings Course - First year of Industrial Design 2004, Bertonati`s Bodyworks - Chile Professional Internship, Industrial designer *Research & Development of interior equipment for Ambulances (Integratta). 2003, Top Mind Agency - Chile Freelance *Design and development of promotional objects for Belmont, Entel and Ripley. 2002, Calypso, glass handicrafts - Chile Freelance *Design of Stand for the Internacional Airport Arturo Merino Benitez. 2001, Los Andes Artesanía - Chile Freelance, Graphic Designer *Design and development of a Brochure CONFERENCES, SEMINARS AND EXHIBITIONS - Seminar "SLOW+DESIGN" (Oct. 2006). organized by: Politecnico di Milano, Istituto Europeo di Design/ Milan, Italy - Seminar "LA ETÀ ATTRAVERSO LO SPECHIO DEI CONSUMI" (Jun. 2006). organized by: Future Concept Lab (FCL)./ Milan, Italy - Conference "WEDDING BRAND 2" (Mar. 2006). organized by: Domus Academy./ Milan, Italy participants: Alessi, Pininfarina Extra, Pirelli, Young & Rubicam, etc. - Seminar "LIVING TRENDS" (Dec. 2005). organized by: Future Concept Lab (FCL)./ Milan, Italy - “STGO.DISEÑO DESIGN EXHIBITION”, V Encuentro de Objetos de Diseño (Sept. of 2005). organized: Ambientes Magazine, Vitacura Council. *Best New Talent Nomination for PVC Speaker project. - "THE CHILEAN CONNECTION", chilean exhibition in Barcelona, for the Any del Disseny 2003 (Sept. of 2003). *Altazor Prize Nomination 2004. - DESIGN SCHOOLS NATIONAL MEETING (Oct. of 2002). organized: Universidad del Bio Bio. - Seminar "D.INDUSTRIAL EN PYMES, MODELO ITALIANO" (Sept. of 2002). organized: Instituto Italiano para el Comercio Exterior (ICE). - "INTERVENIR", 2º Academic Interchange Argentina / Chile Mendoza, Argentina (Sept. of 2001). entities: Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, Universidad de Valparaiso and Universidad de Chile participation: Showing C.V.S. project, a minimum space kitchen system. - "Latinamerican Congress of Industrial Design", La Habana, Cuba (Jul. de 2001). organized: Instituto superior de Diseño Industrial (ISDI). course: Interface Design SKILLS LANGUAGES: Spanish (native) English, oral and written (advanced) Italian, oral and written (intermediate) SOFTWARES: AutoCad 2005 (advanced) 3d Studio Máx 7 (intermediate) Rhinoceros 3.0 (advanced) Cinema 4D V9 (basic) Poser 5 (intermediate) Adobe Photoshop CS2 (advanced) Adobe Illustrator CS2 (advanced) Adobe Premier 7 (intermediate) Macromedia FreeHand MX (advanced) Macromedia Director 8 (basic) Macromedia Flash MX (intermediate) OTHERS: Develop of models and prototypes


Universidad de Chile / Domus Academy Milan



- "RE-MADE IN CHILE EXHIBITOR", Selected with "PVC Speaker" design for the "Bazaar ED" design fair. Santiago, Chile 2008. - “BEST NEW TALENT NOMINATION", StgoDiseno Design Exhibition (Sept. of 2005) / "BEST IN CLASS 2005", Industrial Design Course - Universidad de Chile