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  • Ingi Jensson

    Illustrator / Cartoonist / Comic Maker

    Stockton on Tees, United Kingdom

I mainly focus on educational work and giving workshops at schools in comic-making and cartooning. I'm currently based in the N/E of England (2014)

Work Samples

  • Icelandic Cartoons

  • Facebook Page Drawings

  • Educational

Work History

CLIENT LIST ICE = Iceland NL = Holland ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Publishers. ~Vaka Helgafell (ICE) ~JPV (ICE) Publishers have recently joined under the name Forlagið - www.forlagid.is ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Educational work ~Námsgagnaútgáfan (ICE) ~Delubas - www.delubas.nl (NL) ~Kröller Muller Musem - www.kmm.nl (NL) ~Nationale Park Hoge Veluwe - www.hogeveluwe.nl (NL) ~Openluchtmuseum - www.openluchtmuseum.nl (NL) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Magazines. ~Nýtt Líf - www.nyttlif.is (ICE) ~Mannlíf - www.mannlif.is (ICE) ~Bleikt & Blátt - www.bogb.is (ICE) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Newspapers. ~DV - www.dv.is (ICE) Cartoonist from November 2008 ~DV - www.dv.is (ICE) Cartoonist / Illustrator 2003-2005 ~Morgunblaðið - www.mbl.is (ICE) - Illustrator 2000-2001 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Add agencies ~Gott Fólk - www.gottfolk.is (ICE) ~Jeen - www.jeen.nl (NL) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Icelandic Comics ~Heimur Sjonna in Bleikt&Blátt 1999-2004 - www.sjonny.cc ~Mikki&Mangi in Ökuþór from 2001-2005 - www.fib.is ~Skóladagar in Skólavarðan from 2001 until this day. ~1&Annað - Daily in the newspaper DV from 2003-2005 ~Mótor Heimur Sjonna in Bílar&Sport 2005. www.bilarogsport.is ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Free Work/Misc. ~One of the founders of the Icelandic comic mag. Blek (ink) and regular contributor since 1996. ~Regular contributor to the Spanish/France magazine Sable since 2003 ~Daily illustrated meditations on my blog at: www.ingi.net ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Other. ~Ran my own comic school, Myndasöguskúrinn (The Comic Shack) in Iceland from 2002-2004 (school stopped because of my move to Holland) ~Shortlisted for a residency at the V&A Museum in London, early 2009 ~Bekkur/Bænk 1,2,3,... Dance Video installation in a café in Denmark and Iceland and online at: www.bb123.tv ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New 2010 - 2013 ~ Cartoon Courses, How to draw Manga and Monster drawing workshops in schools in the North/East of England (mainly Teesside) http://www.teestoons.com



Shortlisted for a Comic Artist Residency at the V&A Museum in London, early 2009.