During my career, which took off in 1999, I have done most things an illustrator with a passion for comics and cartoon does. My comics and cartoons have mainly been made for the Icelandic market, though I have lived in Holland and the UK for most of my career. Currently my focus is on educational illustration work and giving workshops in comic and cartoon making at libraries and schools (all levels.) I took a break from freelance work from 2014-2017, as I embarked on an MA education at Teesside University and then straight after took on a lecturer role in Concept Art at the same uni. Due to external changes, I have moved back to freelance work, although my eyes do drift towards a part-time academic venture, somewhere down the line. After 9 years in the NE of England, I currently am based in London where I am finding my way and getting to know the scene. (2017)

Work Samples

  • Lunch Box illustration for www.KMM.nl

  • Poster Event, Reyjavík, Iceland

  • Caricature of my mate Nik Holmes aka Zombiedollars

Work History

  • Lecturer in Concept Art

    During my time at Teesside Uni, apart from the usual administration tasks and student guidance, I taught/supervised:
    - Life drawing for Concept Art (MA)
    - Visual Storytelling (MA)
    - Concept Art Practice (MA)
    - Introduction to Concept Art for 1st year Games students (BA)
    - Sketchbook practices (Foundation Year)
    - Critical & Contextual Studies (Foundation Year)
    - Final Year Games Project supervision (BA)


  • Teesside University

    • MA Future Design
    • 2015 - 2016

    During my MA study time, I focused on furthering my visual narrative, with the plan to create a character that would be a vehicle for all kinds of sequential stories, while also tackling a longer story format, since my career has been mainly focused on short comic strips. My final outcome was the 15 page story: Aleks dBoro - Whatever it takes! (look up @AleksdBoro) This work also served as a prequel to my very first published comic in the first edition of the Icelandic comic magazine BLEK ('96), of which I was a founding member. BLEK celebrated it's 20th year in 2016 and my final MA show coincided with my MA project being published in the anniversary edition of BLEK. I graduated with Distinction.



Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation UK // Paper Jam Comics Collective, Newcastle // Hópur starfandi myndhöfunda/myndskreytara – The group of Icelandic Professional Illustrators // Stripmakersforum - The Dutch Comic Makers Platform


Shortlisted for a Comic Artist Residency at the V&A Museum in London, early 2009.