A designer who thinks with her hands, Jean Kee believes that her willingness to learn and be open to new experiences has moulded her to become the unique individual she is today - unconventional and persistent, but independent and artistically creative all the day. She has a distinctive design style that stems from her multicultural fine arts background, which she has applied to a diverse range of products, from watches to an infant rocker to a pair of chandelier earrings. She is constantly striving to surpass the high standards she always maintains in herself, relentlessly tackling each challenge that comes her way. [not surprisingly, rockclimbing is a favourite past time of hers. when she has the time, that is.]


Outstanding Achievement Award, 2012 SCAD Graduation [nominated by the Industrial Design program] | SCAD IDSA Student Merit Awards, 2012 [selected finalist to represent SCAD at the 2012 IDSA Southern District Conference] | NICHE Student Awards 2012 [Fashion Jewelry Finalist]

Experience & Education