I have worked for many years as a commercial sculptor in a wide variety of applications within the toy, collectibles, and entertainment/film industries. I am comfortable working with a wide range of style (from sculpting animation characters and toys, to realistic portraiture, animals, and fantasy creatures), of scale (from microminiature to over life-size), and of media (oil-, polymer- , and water-base clays, waxes, rigid foams, etc.).

Work Samples

  • Walt Disney Classics Collection

  • Special FX and Msc. Figures

  • Grand Jester Studio - Disney Busts

Work History

JACQUELINE PERREAULT GONZALES Sculptor Animation Characters / People, Animals, Portraits / Film & CG Models / Toys & Collectibles EMPLOYMENT Currently Self-Employed (1996-2014) See “FREELANCE” below… Stan Winston Studios (Sculptor 1995-96) Dinosaurs, monsters, animals, people, etc. for films. Rijn and Reisman (Sculptor 1994-95) Large-scale characters, figures, and maquettes. for film, CG etc. Decter Mannikin Company, Inc. (Sculptor 1993-94) Mannequins, heads, display figurines. Disneyland Entertainment Art (Senior Modelmaker, Sculpture Dept. 1990-93, 1981-83) Characters and models for parades, events , props, and awards. Central Park Zoo (Exhibits Designer 1987-90) Design, fabrication, repair of animal habitats and educational displays. Bruce Hoheb (Studio Assistant 1986) Figures and bas-reliefs; reproductions, enlargements, and molds. Rhonda Roland Shearer Studio (Assistant to the Artist; Studio Supervisor 1982-86) Horses and "cast flora"; molds, casting and finishing; foundry liaison. FREELANCE CLIENTS Grand Jester Studios: Disney "Bust" Figurines Disney Classics Collection: Porcelain figurines. Disneyland & Disneyland International: Parade floats and character models. Just Play Inc.: Toys and Bath figurines Marky Sparky Toys: Toys and Animails Habitat for Humanity: Commissioned sculptures for fund-raising events. Robert Olszewski Studios: Micro-miniature characters (Disney, Wizard of Oz). The Disney Stores - Product Development: Harmony Kingdom boxes, snow globes, toys, banks, ornaments, etc. The Disney Stores -Theme Development: Large characters for in-store installations. The Disney Gallery & The Disney Catalog: Ornaments, limited edition figurines. Disney Imagineering: Large characters for stores and Tokyo Disneyland. Christopher Radko: Christmas ornaments. Warner Bros.: Large characters for in-store installations, Christmas ornaments. Jim Henson’s Creature Shop: sculpts for animatronic animals. Columbia Pictures: Sculpt logo for “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” ( 3 “Key Art” Awards.) HOPE Worldwide: HOPE Unity Award (presented to several world leaders.) OTHER CLIENTS INCLUDE Henson Associates, CyberFX, Applause Toys, Mattel Toys, Columbia TV, Rando Productions, Matchbox Toys, Tony Urbano Puppetry SKILLS I am adept at modeling with a wide range of media such as Sculpey, waxes, and clays; or carving in rigid foams etc. I am comfortable working in any scale from micro-miniature to monumental. I am especially experienced with capturing the look and feel of animation characters, but enjoy realistic sculpting and portraiture. I can also do model-building, mold making, casting and finishing; as well as some painting, costuming, making puppets and puppetry (SAG-AFTRA member), and floral arranging. EDUCATION 1979-83 CSU Long Beach - Sculpture Major, scholarship figurative sculpture 1977-79 – UCLA Jpg.sculpt@gmail.com (310) 367-9660 1544 N. Allen Ave, Pasadena, CA 91104


1979-83 CSU Long Beach - Sculpture Major, scholarship figurative sculpture 1977-79 – UCLA





CSU Long Beach - Merit Scholarship for Sculpture Key Art Awards- sculpted gargoyle logo for film "Bram Stoker's Dracula". Heart of HOPE Award - for sculpting HOPE Unity Award.