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  • Owen Read

    Industrial Designer

    Jackson Hole, WY

I am a Jackson Hole, WY based Industrial Designer and a graduate of the RISD Industrial Design Department 2012. I am extremely passionate about emerging and cutting-edge technologies and the products that implement them. I have an extensive background in bringing products from concept, to manufacturing and to market and have been involved throughout different parts of the process during my career. I am currently working as lead designer and principal at FORWRD Design Studio. Please feel free to reach out to me for contract product design work.

Work Samples

  • Nikon 2

  • XCS-1 Camera Stabilization System

  • Task Lamp

Work History

Work Experience: NASA JOHNSON SPACE CENTER: Houston, TX Winter 2012 Industrial Design Internship -Worked in the Habitability Design Center on the Desert Research and Technology Studies project. My contribu- tions involved making mock ups of the lunar rover to preform various window evaluations and redesigning the kitchen unit and work/dining table for the Habitat Demonstration Unit. -Experience included constructing full scale mock-ups with foam core and concept presentation with Solidworks and Adobe Creative Suite. BEN ROTH DESIGN: Jackson Hole, WY Summer 2011 Design Assistant and Fabricator -Worked on designing and constructing metal daddy long leg spiders and worms to be sold in museum gift shops. -Experience included refining manufacturing methods and creating point of sale displays and tags. METAL BY KEVIN: Jackson Hole, WY Summers of 2009-2011 Designer and Fabricator -Worked on numerous projects ranging from custom high-end fireplace doors and hand railings to fully outfitting houses with architectural ironwork. -Experience included model making, welding, concept presentation with CAD and Adobe Creative Suite, fabrica- tion and on-site installation of finished projects. G-FORM: Providence, RI Spring 2011 Sponsored Material Design Studio -Worked on finding new design opportunities for G-Forms’ shear thickening foam. -Experience included creating concepts in Solidworks, prototyping design and professional presentations. RHODE ISLAND SCHOOL OF DESIGN: Providence, RI Fall, Winter and Spring 2010-2012 Worked as wood and metal shop monitor. -Experience included problem-solving, instructing student correct techniques and maintaining shop equipment and protocols SKILLS: -Critical thinking, problem solving, and idea development. -Advanced skills in woodworking, metal fabrication and machining, ceramics, general model making techniques, drawing, filming and video editing and photography. COMPUTER SKILLS: Solidworks, Adobe Creative Suite 4 and 5, HTML and CSS web coding and Final Cut Pro Studio.


Rhode Island School of Design



Industrial Design Department Faculty Award