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  • Sean Martin

    Freelance 3D designer/illustrator

    Durham, NC

Squeezing more and more (and more) out of less and less (and less).

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Work History

Exhibit design: Everything from 10x10 inline displays to AGMs catering to crowds of twenty thousand and more. Able to move between complete custom work, off-the-shelf packages, and a combination of the two as needed, with particular emphasis on working with the client's existing marketing and branding imagery. Most of what I do currently has been relatively small scale (still a fact of life even as the economy "recovers"), and I happily embrace that -- it's taught me the importance of making the most with the least amount of gestures, both spatially and financially. Print media: Professional-level skill set in InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator, with over two decades' experience in both. Well versed in 3D animation, "virtual music" and sound, video editing -- if it has to do with visual presentation, I've probably worked with it. Currently using FormZ as a modeling software and VectorWorks as a drafting medium. Always looking for using new techniques and technology to push the client's image into something as forward-thinking as possible, depending on his/her comfort level. I'm holistic in approach and fast in concept, design, and execution -- at my last position, we generally got only a few hours, maybe a day max, to turn a presentation-level design, no matter how large it might be, so I make a point of thinking on my feet. That comes from my theatre background, where you had to solve a design issue intuitively, right then, right there, while stagehands are standing around idle at union rates. In my former position as senior designer at Godfrey Group, there were no design teams: I was assigned a project, and I worked that project pretty much alone, from first concept to delivery out the door. Further to that, I"m not afraid of taking on a challenge. Recently, I was asked to do a walkthrough of a proposed design, but with the client's multimedia running on the monitors. I'd never done animation-within-animation before, and the FormZ manual isnt the most thorough on the process... but nevertheless, three days later, my salesperson had a fully rendered movie with the monitors all singing and dancing as requested. It was very cool to watch, if I may say so, and adds a great tool to my skillset. Dual US/Canadian citizenship, and (if I understand the laws correctly) legally able to work in some parts of Europe without sponsorship. I am actively seeking work in Canada, open to any place in the Great White North. To see some of my illustration work here, go to www.coroflot.com/sian_martin. Most of it is oriented towards publishing projects — book illustration and the like — but some fun stuff as well. For those interested in something a little out of the ordinary, check my blog, http://docandraider.com -- a fairly regular webcomic about two gay Canadians trapped in the weirdness that is the US. It's sometimes political, sometimes social, sometimes neither, and sometimes both. If you're on FaceBook, check the boys' page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Doc-and-Raider. And you'll find them on Google+ as well.


University of Texas, Arlington



Semi-finalist, NEA/CTG Mid Career Design Grant, 2005. Author, BIG SHOW TINY BUDGET (Smith and Kraus, 2008), a guidebook for small theatre companies that want to tackle large-scale productions without blowing their entire year's budget on one show. Lifetime Achievement Award, IGRA (2000).