Product Designer / Project Management / Furniture Design. (Design, development and engineering of products. Prototyping. Technical drawing , Customised home furniture - manufacturer furniture for kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms)

Work Samples

  • Plastic Chairs

  • Wood Chairs

  • Upholstery Seat

Work History

Serra Carlos Antonio is an Italian/Argentine designer based in Milan. After His degree in Industrial Design on 2003, he approached the design world working as a product designer for several Italian and Argentine companies, specializing in furniture, lighting, mold products, and interiors; multiplying during His career a special passion for furniture design. He is a creative and dynamic person with a passion to create, design and embody the ideas he have in mind, always thinking to satisfy the needs of the user, with a touch of design and style and with the correct industrial application for a good production. His significant experience in product design and production techniques are complemented by the skills acquired during the years of study. Activities include integrated management of projects. Many of His independent design works, has been fabricated and marketed by several Italian, Argentine and Asian companies, with excellent results on the market. His projects have been exhibited in international events and published by main design publications.


Architectural, Urbanism and Design University (F.A.U.D) National University of Córdoba (U.N.C.) Argentine.