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  • Daniel Cram

    Sr. Industrial Designer

    San Jose, CA

Currently working as a Sr. Helmet designer for the biggest and best helmet company in the world. Projects listed as "surfacemonkey" were collabs with engineers, inventors, and other designers. The title gives credit where it's due, and is employed when the original idea isn't mine, but the realization of the idea is. It usually involves taking a rough sketch or product brief, and making it into a physical model very quickly.

Work Samples

  • Transfer 9

  • Raptor

  • Easton

Work History

  • Sr. Helmet Designer

    • Vista Outdoor
    • Scotts Valley, CA
    • Nov 2006 - Present (11 years 1 month)

    Sr. Helmet Designer, for the biggest and best helmet company on Earth.

  • R&D Design Manager

    Working closely with manufacturing, we would dodge all the corporate red tape, and provide high quality turn-key product solutions for marketing managers within large corporations, under extremely short timelines. A truly unique job, WINDS included very unique opportunities, like naming factories such as Mazava Sportwear Ltd. in Madagascar. "Mazava" means "Morning Light" (specifically, the light that comes after darkness). The factory was beloved due to our choice of names - it was the very first factory ever in Madagascar, to wear a Malagasy name. The name was so apt, because the AGOA trade agreement brought back the jobs, after years of hardship. The factory was quite literally their light, shining through the darkness of poverty. The president of Madagascar visited the factory, and it became the most popular workplace on the island.

  • Product Designer / Shop Manager

    Built the shop from the ground up, including a custom vacuum-form machine made from diagrams found online. Our team's work was at the very forefront of design and innovation in our category, and we received awards and recognition by the IDSA and our peers. Our work was displayed in the Sony Metreon Museum of Art&Design.

    I worked directly on the helmet line, including the Tracer, Pilot, SuperPilot (later called the V3), and won awards for the Raptor Knee Guard.


  • San Jose State University

    • Bachelor of Science Industrial Design
    • 1996 - 2001



Sony Metreon Museum - Sports Product Design Exhibition 2003 - IDSA Bronze - Fox Raptor 2001 - Bay Area’s Best - Fire Safety Product 2000 - Motor Trend Finalist Alias Wavefront :: LVL 2 Certified