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  • Max Hunt

    Furniture and object designer / maker

    Adelaide, Australia

Max Hunt is an Adelaide based designer with a passion for creating rich user experience. Pleasure and connection between user and product drive his designs creating rich visual textures and functionality. simplicity is design gold. Current work- Hunt Furniture: A local bespoke hand made furniture business. An outlet for my creative tension freelance Modular bathroom storage project Self funded projects Looking for any creative design work to sink my teeth in to!

Work Samples

  • HR1600 clothes rack

  • Magnite - The Magnetic Shower Caddy

  • HUNT FURNITURE - HS650 stools

Work History

Max Hunt is a designer who resides in Adelaide, South Australia. Following graduation from the University of South Australia with a bachelor of Design. Max further developed his understanding of the furniture design industry through working with large and small furniture companies developing concepts for market. Following seven years in the furniture retail / design industry Max decided to branch out alone and take on the world doing what he wanted, when he wanted. This led to a short stint freelancing for small entrepreneurs in and around Adelaide involving modular furniture and sporting goods design. While doing all of this Max continued to develop the required skills needed in creating Hunt Furniture, the passion project. Now Hunt Furniture is rolling full steam ahead and is the main creative out let for Max. Hunt Furniture specialises in custom designed residential and commercial furniture and objects and is available from the hunt furniture website and a number of retail store in South Australia. -------------------------------------------------------------------- My ideation process is highly disjointed yet rapid and fluid. I believe concept generation is a speciality and I thrive in environments where brain storming is allowed to take crazy journeys. My hand rendering and sketching skills are of a high quality and can effectively demonstrate a lot of detail and information Program skills: -Unigraphics -Inventor -Solidworks -Rhino -Sketchup -Full Adobe suite Personally I enjoy Design, playing music, Magic, Coffee, beer & my wife ( not in any specific order) Education: Bachelor of Design product innovation (product design) University of South Australia 2010- Current Director Hunt Furniture Small furniture design / manufacture business Specialising in commercial seating solutions www.huntfurniture.com.au 2012- August 2014 Electrical Designer Tenix Engineering and Operations 2006 freelance The Hunt Aesthetic sporting equipment design 2003 Micro stations Drafting and substation design 2002 Design Drafters of South Australia tool design and drafters 2001 Work Experience: General Motors Melbourne Australia 2001 Work Experience: HSV Holden Melbourne Australia 2001 Work Experience: Bosch Melbourne Australia Electrical design 2001 Work Experience: Metro tool and dye Melbourne Australia 2001 Work Experience: invertec design Melbourne Australia 1998 Illustrator: illustrated two published educational children's books


University of South Australia



Hunt Furniture -designer/maker