Vicky Chan founded Avoid Obvious Architects in 2012 with offices in New York and Hong Kong. The firm has been pushing sustainable buildings and cities with focus on combining art with green technology. His projects have been exhibited in 37 cities. His emerging firm has competed against OMA in 2016 for a city plan the size of Manhattan. He founded a volunteering organization to teach architecture on a weekly basis and has taught over 3,000 children about sustainable design and architecture. He believes our future will be brighter if children are more equipped with creative and sustainable thinking.


2017 Lasalle Children Game Design Competition – Winner 2016 London Creative Competition – Winner of the Architectural Category 2016 Inspireli Awards – Semi Finalist 2016 Rethinking the Future Sustainability Award – Urban Design Winner 2016 Design:Retail 40 under 40 2015 London Creative Competition – Winner 2015 Lasalle Children Game Design Competition – 2nd Place 2012 Outstanding Project Award – Court Square 2 2010 Miami Seaplane Terminal Competition – 2nd Place 2010 Winner of Design+Technical Award – Stantec 2008 Gillette Landmark Design – 3rd place 2008 Wacom’s Vision of the Future – 1st place 2008 Best of Newspaper Design Cover – 1st place 2006 Jeongok Pre-history Museum with Easton+Combs – 3rd place 2005 Unfinished Works AIDS illustration Contest – 2nd place


RA, AIA, LEED AP, NCARB US Registered Architects AIA Program Committee

Experience & Education