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A CAD/Photoshop render that demonstrates the mixing method used in the device
Every component that requires user interaction is coloured orange to provide a more intuitive experience.
A render demonstrating a typical usage scenario for the device
A short demonstration of the assembly process required to connect the top and bottom sub-assemblies. The other fittings of the device are combinations of interference fits and ultrasonically welded sections.
An exploded view showing each part.
This is a small selection out of the 40 page drawing package that I created for the Duo dispenser. The package included an engineering drawing for each component as well as assembly and general arrangement drawings.
Duo Dispenser

A project I completed as part of my 'Advanced product engineering design' module at the start of my third year of university. The design process was heavily CAD based as physical modelling was challenging as I no longer had access to any rapid prototyping machines.

Matthew Thompson
Product Designer at 3Form design Ipswich, United Kingdom