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With the city running through our veins and creativity at our core, 3TWELVE is a 3-dimensional design firm composed of culturally-driven free thinkers who create out of passion for their craft. Defying convention and opting for innovation, we draw inspiration from the eclectic urban energy found in the city of Chicago. We infuse the rhythms, ebbs, flows, sights, sounds and soul of our environment into our work. Using culture as our colors, we paint the canvas of creativity through 3-dimensional designs. A far cry from the mundane and predictable, our shades are more vibrant, our portraits more vivid. We express ourselves through our imagination and constantly seek to be the vehicle through which clients achieve creative possibilities they never thought possible. Fostering the creative force of the crème de la crème of the most innovative designers, sharpest minds and freshest ideas, 3Twelve Design Brigade is also a platform for 3-dimensional designers to exchange ideas and share information. Building a community of creatives with access to new and inventive ways of redefining the 3-dimensional design industry, we at 3TWELVE are re-creating the rules of design. Driven By Passion, Fueled By Culture.


Were not that kind of company.


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Core77 Design Awards

Enter the 2020 Core77 Design Awards

Collect your best work and submit it to the 2020 Core77 Design Awards — it will go in front of a group of the top designers practicing today, and winners will claim vast bragging rights, media attention and an amazing trophy.

Enter today to beat the looming final deadline – April 1st!

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