On Wisconsin! - oil painting - On Wisconsin! - oil painting of University of Wisconsin Marching Band on display at the Wisconsin Center for Music Education, Waunakee, WI
La Familia - Oil Painting - La Familia. Oil on Canvas. I was commissioned to paint this by one of the boys in the family. He had 2 photos he wanted me to combine. One of his father, and one of the rest of the family. He gave this painting to his mother on Mother’s Day.
Yucatan Cow - Acrylic Painting - Yucatan Brama Bull. Acrylic. Many years ago I took a trip to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. At one person’s house, the bus stopped and we got to look around. I snapped a photo of the back yard where this Brama bull was standing.
La Fiesta - This was for a college 2-D design class project. We were to paint a song—it represents “La Fiesta” by Maynard Ferguson. The top triangles represent the high, screechy trumpets, the lower portion is the keyboard and rhythm sections. The middle wavy blue line is the trombone solo. The colors used for the wavy line and the background pink create an optical illusion where it looks like there is a dark line next to the blue and a white line next to the pink.
Robin Yount - Oil Painting - Robin Yount - October 3, 1982. Oil on Masonite. The Brewers were tied with the Orioles for first place going into the final game of the regular season. Robin Yount hit 2 home runs in the game to lead the Brewers to their first pennant ever and they were on their way to the World Series.
Kitchen Crisis - Kitchen Crisis. Oil on Canvas. This is a painting of my father and mother attempting to fix our kitchen sink. At the time I took a photo, and later used that photo to recreate this scene. Everyone seems to like this painting, especially the gray pants.
Cuenca - Cuenca. Watercolor. This was done from a photo of Cuenca, Spain. They build their houses right on the cliffs there. I gave it to a friend, who also went there, for a wedding present.
Curtis - Curtis. Drawing done from photo. Chalk on Felt Paper.
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Andy Mansfield
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