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Day of the event.
Our story board for the skit that we performed immediately prior to launching down the hill.
Halfway through the course.
Rhino 3D model, rendered.
Designed from the ground up!
Flatpack frame parts for the body. Built from laser cut, slotted plywood sheets.
Square steel tubing laid out, ready for frame fabrication.
Frame fabricated, ready for the body.
Body mounted to frame. first layer of cardboard body panels applied.
body complete and painted. Waiting for finishing graphics.
Completed car, ready for competition!
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Red Bull Soapbox Race

I led a team in participation of the 2014 Red Bull Soapbox Race. Collaborating with 3 of my coworkers, I led the design and fabrication of our gravity car.

This was an event I had been wanting to participate in for many years and got the chance in 2015! I led the planning of our build along with the fabrication. I also got to drive!

Our theme was based on the coffee culture of Seattle. We replicated the opening scene of 2001: A Space Odyssey with our giant coffee cup/car being the monolith and the team members dressed as monkeys in flannel and denim.

Other than the satisfaction of working with my amazing team, the best part of this build was practicing my welding and learning about steering geometry. I designed a (over engineered) steering system that really felt great on race day.

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Aaron Reinke
Operations Specialist at Taphandles Seattle, WA