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Metamorphosis no.1 is a mixed media painting series inspired by through elements of insects, human figure, and the daily struggle of personal self-actualization.
Hand sketches are done first of the subject, which are then finalized and transcribed onto canvas with graphite and ink.
Eventually, a rough draft in Photoshop or Sketchbook Pro is created to simulate where paint would be applied onto the image. This is done to fully understand the effects of the color placement within the painting.
Finally, the canvas is brushed over with a wash and set to dry. When finished, the painting is started and is accented with ink strokes, pastels, graphite, and conte crayon to achieve the end result.
To stay updated for more future art to come, follow "Amir S. Hamer art & shop" at Facebook.com. My prints are also for sale at "Society6.com/Amirshamer"
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Sample work of "Metamorphosis" (series no.1).



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Amir S. Hamer
Industrial Designer | UX Designer | Design Strategist Atlanta, GA