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And further in, lighting design & semiotics are discussed in board no.2 [Above]
This is the featured product of interest: The Sony BSP60 Smart Speaker.

Everything about the Pavilion Design must stem from the showcasing of the BSP60's features; why the BSP60 is special and a great purchase for anyone.
Above, the consumer experience strategy is depicted visually. Board no.1 [Above] highlights how the BSP60 Pavilion will engage pedestrians externally.
The Pavilion
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SONY BSP60 Pavilion Concept

In a means to create unforgettable interaction experience, the Sony BSP60 Pavilion concept is meant to utilize not only striking exhibit architecture, but superb lighting design to accommodate it as well. Drawing from modern and contemporary themes for architectural design, the space should accredit Sony's vision of wonder, innovation, and user experience through its presence on a show-room floor.

Amir S. Hamer
Industrial Designer | UX Designer | Design Strategist Atlanta, GA