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I m Industrial Designer as well as Graphic, Apparel & Packaging Designer, if it isnt 2 much.. =P But honestly, I like & enjoy my life as Designer, this is the best thing which has been given 2 me so far. Thanks Lord !! nyway, I dont like 2 write 2 much bout me, so just go thru & enjoy my portfolio. Hope these could help u 2 get some inspiration or idea for your design. Last but not least, I like Retro Style Piaggio very much !!! That is one thing which I couldnt resist 2 fall in love with.


2003 - Nominated as Finalist of LG TV Design Competition - Blue Eye TV 2008 - Nominated as Finalist of Kedaung Glassware Print Design Competition - Butterfly Effects, Published in Kedaung Group 2009 Calender.

Experience & Education