As a industrial designer I have proven to be able to take responsibility, I am a dynamic , creative, charismatic, optimistic, honest person with good interpersonal skills I learn easy and I know how to work in teams or individually I seek solutions for different situations that arise. My stronger area is the technical area of projects, doing it stronger in the materialization process and project's blueprints, based it on the 3D modeling. Also I have a good knowledge about graphics design and I handle with great dexterity programs like, Adobe illustrator, Adobe photoshop and solidworks.


Mención de honor 3er semestre - Diseño Cotidiano. 1er puesto concurso de Eco-diseño - Vallas y Avisos. Mención de honor 8vo semestre - Prospectiva. Mención de honor 9no semestre - Diseño para el Ocio. 2do Puesto en Olimpiadas Nacionales De Diseño - Bogota 2012.

Experience & Education