Team Photo, at the Michigan competition - 100+ universities, we placed 28th.
The car assembly, with the non-transparent items being either designed by me completely or with direct involvement.
I designed parts of the steering system as well, filling in for members that were not available. Here the steering clevices are highlighted, topology optimized through solidworks. I also gave input along the design of the CNC machined uprights, coming up with the camber adjustment method (the little steel top piece with the 8 holes).
Completed assembly, with 1500+ parts. The engine, which was a complex 3d scan with individual components, was set to "Speedpak".
2019 Racecar - Engineering Lead

For this years project, I was the Engineering (and CAD) Lead, Testing Lead (i.e Logistics and Safety), Frame, and Vehicle Dynamics. Specific items of design were the Tube-Frame, Suspension Geometry and Tire Analysis, setting up a flexible CAD structure, organizing the logistics of testing of the race-car through the Feb-May season, and guiding the design and manufacturing of Suspension and Outboard components - some welded tube+Waterjet, some CNC aluminum.

Freelance, Moonlighting
Ariel Gil
Mechatronics Engineer Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel