The car assembly, with the non-transparent items being either designed by me completely or with direct involvement. This included: - Frame - the design was for the meeting of strict safety regulations. It then also had to meet manufacturing limitations of the tube bending and cutting supplier, and packaging of driver, electrical, and suspension. - Suspension arms and damper linkage geometry (primarily rear). Also jigged and welded them. - Sheet metal - Firewall, upper firewall/headrest support, fuel splash shield, main floor, front floor. Also guided the design of the exhaust shroud. These were all made of 3003 aluminum, 1/16 and 1/32, and sent by me to lasercutting. - Wing mountings - plate steel initially (and square tubes in the rear) and later cut out of 6061. The design was based on my concept from the previous year, and the analysis (topology, Solidworks FEA) I helped perform.
Apart from the tube-frame, I was also responsible for the safety paneling. That included the firewall, floors, and headrest plate. In this picture the firewall and headrest plate are seen, as well as 2 additional panels that were put in to be on the safe side of the regulations, preventing any fuel spray. They were lasercut (etched bends) and bent manually on the brake press - 3003 Aluminum (it was easy to work with, low strenght inconsequential - and given for free), 1/16 and 1/32 thickness.
A "wheel center" for the chosen rim shells - 3 piece design. This was to be made of titanium. We decided to shelve the project, as budget was tight and the titanium sponsorship did not come through.
2020 Racecar - Team Captain

This project could not be fully completed, due to COVID-19.

The renderings shown were performed by me in SW Visualize 2019, and represet what the car will look like once completed. However, we were able to get 2 weeks of testing on the base running car, without body panels.

Oversaw the design and manufacturing of the race-car, directly managing 5 Engineering system leads as well as Sub-team leads of Project-Management and Corporate Relations. In terms of design involvement, I designed the Tube-Frame (Chassis), with Solidworks FEA, as well as rear suspension linkage geometry. Further, I welded parts of the frame, as well as machined and welded several suspension components.

Ariel Gil
mr Toronto, Canada