Above a detail shot of the assembly simulation is shown. This was done primarily to get the correct reaction forces for the frame, for a combined bottom out and front impact (with “mock fork”) scenario. The links were defined with pivots, in SOLIDWORKS FEA
This is the rear jig. An extensive use of waterjet components both in the design and as locating pieces, aided the jigging process. These both worked fantastically, and through carefully planning which areas to tack first, the frame was very straight post welding.
Bike Design/Fabrication

This was a personal project. The design was completed in SOLIDWORKS, with use of assembly FEA to model the linkage forces accurately. It was planned with a BOM, manufacturing plan and and machining drawings, and the construction took 2 weeks (~30h).

Freelance, Moonlighting
Ariel Gil
Mechatronics Engineer Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel