BLISS Nation

Cultivate balance and harmony in your life with BLISS NATION. This line of products create a unique way to calm the mind, relax the body and sooth the soul. Awakening your own inner bliss has never been so simple.

Release your mind from all worries and apprehensions with Mind BLISS. This mesmerizing puzzle bracelet creates a new focus to distract and keep you calm. It’s a-MAZE-ing!

Give your muscles a break with Body BLISS. Now you can harness the power of your beverage to release muscle tension with this massaging thermos. Hydration is important when relieving muscle tension - this thermos is sure to keep liquids close by.

When your soul aches for inspiration capture some spark with Soul BLISS. This pendant encourages positive thinking through the power of plants. Refresh yourself with the breath of nature and let a small life remind you of how beautiful this world can be.

Audrey Cramer
Industrial Designer Denver, CO