Balmoi Abe is an architect and a ‘space curator’ who specialises in a human-centred design approach that seeks to help organisations and communities maximise their spaces and interactions. Balmoi has worked on some interactive and iconic spaces in Nairobi, such as Sankara Hotel, Shifteye Gallery, Kenya Airways airport lounges, and a large scale affordable housing complex called Sunset Boulevard in Athi River. He serves as a founding director of the Cave, an innovative bureau space which is part workspace part maker’s laboratory. The Cave is a collaborative space, where young architects, designers, writers, fabricators, scientists among others, generate a working culture to explore new ideas and ways of meeting the needs of densely-populated urban and peri urban communities. Some of the concepts curated at Cave include “The Griot Returns” ; “Organic Cave paint” which comes with a lifetime warranty; “The Floating Zebra” pedestrian safety in the African city”; and a “Stone Age Furniture” series called the Pangea. These projects have actively engaged Balmoi in community work within the informal settlements of Huruma and Dandora -- both as a volunteer and consultant -- and where he also helps with the poor with water sanitation, building semi-permanent structures, and food for orphanages where he also coordinates art therapy sessions for disabled children.




A.I.A.S. college chapter for student architects (2003-2006), President of Cultural Affairs Association, African Student Association, member/vice president (2002-2004), European and Western Cultural Club, member (2003), Habitat for Humanity work for housing program, Savannah, Georgia (2006-2007)

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