Main Menu Screen
Backstory Comic Panels: These set up the game premise and also provide information on each bug's quirky ability including one that lives inside its own ear!
In-Game Screen (Stage 1 - Level 1): Shows the default game mode using the standard launcher. Bug trains start from outside the screen and march towards their hiding spot (hole in center). You have to shoot (toss) bugs at the train and make matches of 3 or more similar colored bugs to clear them.
In-Game Screen (Stage 15 - Level 3): Dual path levels really test your bug-tossing skills! If either of the trains reach their hiding spot, it's game over.
In-Game Screen (Stage 9- Level 8): Shows the claw launcher. This is a puzzle where you have to rearrange bugs to clear the entire train.
In-Game Screen (Stage 1 - Level 9): Bonus levels such as this change the pace of the game and allow you to go trigger happy! Here you have to clear as many short bug-trains as possible before they run into their hiding spot.
Collection Screen: As a meta-goal you collect rare musically inclined bugs and create your own bug band!
Conga Bugs - PC Marble Popper Game

Dhruva’s first casual title for the PC was a 3D marble-popper that
featured gorgeous art and three different launcher mechanics. With 6 game modes, over 130 levels, a humorous backstory told though comic-book style cutscenes and an
interactive bug orchestra to unlock, we aimed to capture and entertain casual gamers of all ages.

Role: Level Design & Production | Design of Gameplay Features & Game Modes | Gameplay Balancing, Progression & Pacing | UI Design

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Basu Inamdar
Senior Experience Designer Bangalore, India