Farmville Express Reimagined: High Concept
Farmville Express Reimagined: Wireframes
Dreamcatcher's Trail(Main UI): Feature UI Design
Dreamcatcher's Trail: UI Flow Comp
Spooky Wolves(Main UI): Feature UI Design
Spooky Wolves: UI Flow Comp
UX Enhancement: Elite Horses UI Flow and Interactions
Player Feedback/Appreciation for Phantom Byre (Elite Horses) Fix. URL:
UX Enhancement: Harvest Buildable's 'Craft More' Interaction
Saving Seaboo(Main UI): Feature UI Design
Garden of Gifts(Main UI): Feature UI Design
Frontier Piggies(Main UI): Feature UI Design
Farm Run(Main UI): Feature UI Design
The Lost Reindeer(Main UI): Feature UI Design:
Farmville - UI & UX Design

Farmville is Zynga's web-social and farming simulation game. The player, as a farm owner, is tasked with managing a farm while also getting a canvas(game board) to decorate and express his/her creativity.
It uses Free-To-Play monetization and social game mechanics to bring players into the game and connect them.
The examples shown here are screenshots and final mocks of features that I've worked on and that have gone live in the game.

Role: UI Design | UX Design | Visual Design

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Basu Inamdar
Senior Experience Designer Bangalore, India