Main Menu Screen: Being a promotional game for REO Speedwagon and their upcoming record, we used the Main Menu to showcase their album cover. Items such as the stack of photos, phone and diary are not only relevant to the gameplay but act as entry points to the Level Select screen, Tutorials+Downloadable Content options and Notes+Achievements sections respectively.
In-Game Screen (Level 1): Shows the scene you have to search and the list of items to find. After experimenting with different musical instruments for inspiration, we decided to use a guitar neck as an interface element.
Information Dialog(s): Each such dialog is triggered on finding a specific item in a scene. The game is peppered with information about the band in a way that is relevant to the plot without being too in-your-face and putting off non-fans.
In-Game Scene (Recording Studio Level) : Each scene is relevant to the band's music/history in some way, this one reminisces the time they spent recording in the studio.
In-Game Scene (Backstage Level) : You, the player, has been on tour with the band for the past few months. This provides the basis to take you to different concert-themed locations.
In-Game Scene (Garage Level) : The scenes also highlights interests of band members and what they do outside of their music. This one references Dave Amato's passion for collecting cars, bikes and guitars.
In-Game Scene (Ruby's Desk Level) : The tension is mounting... Kevin Cronin has gone missing before the big launch party! You have to go through Ruby's chaotic desk to find a vital clue that might shed some light on his whereabouts.
Ruby's Personal Dairy: This is your constant companion that logs all the clues you find in the game (Notes) and spurs you to unlock badges (Achievements).
Find Your Own Way Home - PC Hidden Object Game

Find Your Own Way Home is a first of its kind classic rock casual game that features the members and music of the retro rockband REO Speedwagon. In this Hidden-Object adventure you play as Ruby, a reporter who must help find Kevin Cronin, the legendary frontman, as he mysteriously goes missing on the day of the album’s launch party.

Role: Conceptualization & Creative Direction | Game Design | Art Direction | UI Design

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Basu Inamdar
Senior Experience Designer Bangalore, India