Flashpoint - Challenging Technology with Design - Flashpoint won 3rd place in the New York Traffic Safety Competition. Each year, approximately 3,000 people die in traffic accidents on the shoulder or median of the road. Placed on the roof of a car, Flashpoint uses existing laser plasma technology to project a wall of light into space to alert other drivers to the stopped car.
Smart Stall - Seeing the Big Picture - How can technology influence public restrooms of the future? This concept employs anti-bacterial, nonwoven textiles to change the face of public restrooms. Cleaning staff can even completely retract the walls, making the restrooms faster and easier to clean.
PixelOptics Universal Temple Endpiece Concept - Ideation for a system to house the battery and control switch for the electro-active eyewear frames. Concepts address the problem of people who are visually impaired in the first place needing to recharge the tiny batteries in their glasses frames.
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Charlotte Hanks Greenham
Industrial/Packaging/Display Designer Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel