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Interests: - Bass Guitar - Old Pubs - Movies - Mountains - Music - Blue Skies - Walking - Joshua Tree - Biking - Gaming - Eating Amazing food - Clever Videos - Reading - What Lies ahead of me - Exploring - CAD - Zoos - Toys I am a forward thinking person who strives to perform to the best of my capabilities in any given task. I pride myself on thinking outside of the box and to design products that will stand out from the crowd. I am a reliable individual who is capable of working alone or as effectively in a team. With three years of training and the determination to succeed I am well equipped with the skills that are needed in many aspects of design and will be a valued asset to any employer. Being a passionate designer I am willing to receive further training to broaden my capabilities. Since Graduated from university in 2008 I have: - Worked on a freelance project, designing a water well drilling rig for use in Tanzania - Gained two years experience working for a Retail Window Display and in-store fixtures design consultancy. My roles Involved, concept design, engineering drawings, client brief meetings, project management, on-site evaluations, model making and creating presentation medias. - Currently Working as a Design Engineer for a Medical device manufacturer. Working on all stages of design, from concept design through to manufacture. www.danielcreative.co.uk


1. Awarded runner up prize for a competition to design a family tent for an Outdoor Equipment Manufacturer called Gelert. 2. Securing a Job that allows me to make a difference in the world.

Experience & Education